"Our CIO believes in Agile and wants our company to embrace it, but our Business Partners want to have nothing to do with it" - signed by every frustrated Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

"I don't understand WHY we need to change. We deliver on time and budget, so why fix what is not broken?" - signed by every person told they needed to adopt Agile.

"It is so frustrating to be hired for my expertise and experience when nobody wants my help," - signed by every Scrum Master and Agile Coach who was not hired by the people they are "forced" to work with.

"I have been doing this for over 20 years, and this company has unique challenges" - someone who prefers the status quo.

"We are doing great on the team level! We measure velocity and deliver on our sprint commitment. However, leadership is still not happy" - frustrated team members looking for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches to help.

"We have no transparency into what teams are working on and what progress is being made towards organizational goals" - Leadership Team.

"There has got to be a better way..." - Everyone who is looking to learn, grow, and have a more fulfilled career <<< THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!


Who Am I and What is My Passion? What is My WHY behind this Program?

Hi, my name is Luba Sakharuk. I live in Framingham, Massachusetts. I grew up with many doubts as far as what I could possibly accomplish. I was never considered to be the smartest kid on the block growing up. My impeccable soft skills were not valued much in the former USSR where I grew up. Against all odds and to much surprise to my family and friends, I did graduate with a master's degree in computer science. I learned early on that if I take the smallest possible action to get something done, whether I feel comfortable or uncomfortable, whether I have doubts about whether I can succeed or not, that check mark of done gave me a lot of satisfaction and also gave me a lot of confidence.

I've mentored many women in the high-tech world who have unfulfilled careers, self-doubts, and imposter syndrome. My passion is to inspire women to look at and think about what they want their life to be and then find the minimum action that they can take to get there.

That action could be to CHOOSE not to take action and not to feel guilty about it!

Once we get to a certain age and stage in our lives, we need to understand the bigger why. What is our life worth living? What is our why? And even if we are not that great at something, maybe it's okay not to push ourselves to do that because that's not aligned with a larger goal in our lives.

If, however, you need to overcome doubts to achieve what you want your life to be, then how do you do that?

How does one transform doubts into a fulfilled life? How do you take doubts and think of doubts as Discovering Opportunities Uncovered By Taking Small Actions?!

The Women In Tech Program is designed to help you find YOUR WHY and Identify all the Small Actions needed to get you to your desired life!

I am honored to be in a position to mentor, coach, and upskill others in this fascinating space. This is my true passion, and I can't wait to work with you. I am here to help you get clarity on what it would take to live a fulfilled life and love your career journey!

Overview of What We Covered in the Previous Cohort!